The wording below sets out the Terms & Conditions on which “V.C Obstacle Mud Events & Fitness Ltd” a Cyprus registered limited liability company with registration number ΗΕ343472 (“us”, “we”, “our”, in these Terms & Conditions which terms will include our agents and employees and authorized representatives) organizes and holds sport events known as “Dorians Challenge” to which individuals may participate for entertainment purposes and maintaining physical fitness and endurance (the “event”, “Dorians Challenge”).
Dorians Challenge is a duly registered trading name with all rights owned by V.C Obstacle Mud Events & Fitness Ltd.
The Dorians Challenge consists of a series of obstacle runs, including a timed race, held on a single day over 5 to 12 km of varied terrain. With 15 to 22 obstacles per course, on a par with similar events held elsewhere in the world, and themes inspired from the ancient Greek Dorian tribe, as well as Greek mythology and history, each course is designed to challenge the strength, endurance, perseverance, mental toughness and team spirit of participants of all ages and fitness levels.
A festival is held at the end of each event where participants, spectators and contributors celebrate their achievements with food, drink and music.
“You” or “your” shall mean the person who contracts and agrees to participate at the event subject to these “Terms & Conditions”.

If you have chosen to participate at the event, then you will:
1. Need to register your participation by completing the relevant online registration form available via our website.
2. Need to carefully read, acknowledge and sign the document that is attached to these Terms & Conditions and titled “Dorians Challenge Release”.
3. Need to comply with the requirements of these Terms & Conditions and follow all instructions, directions and decisions written or communicated by us.
4. Settle in full the participation fee required for your registration except when registering as Volunteer or invited by Dorians Challenge
5. Exhibit appropriate behavior at all times and demonstrate respect and cooperative attitude towards fellow participants, volunteers, spectators, our staff and associates.
6. Duly comply with the Terms & Conditions herein outlined as well as become familiar with and abide by all written rules of Dorians Challenge.
7. Read, understand, undertake and sign the terms and acknowledgments outlined in the Dorians Challenge Release.
8. Comply with all our directions, instructions and decisions.
9. During your participation at the event comply with all directions of our personnel, volunteers, employees, agents and authorised representatives.

2.1. These present Terms & Conditions
2.2. You having duly completed and signed the registration form and any relevant documents and written acknowledgements
2.3. The acknowledgements and releases set out in ‘Dorians Challenge Release’ to be submitted with the online registration form and which has been provided by electronic mail to the e-mail address you supplied when registering your participation to the event.
2.4. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) also provided by electronic mail to the e-mail address you supplied when registering your participation to the event.

1. You fully understand that participating in the event involves taking part in physically challenging and dangerous activities which can entail the risk of serious injury or even death.
2. You are in good physical condition, therefore able and sufficiently fit to participate in the obstacle runs and race of Dorians Challenge, further certify that to the best of your knowledge that you do not have or suffer from any physical, medical or mental condition which can affect your ability to participate in the event or which could be the cause of risk or danger yourself or others during your participation. To this regard, you acknowledge and accept that it is your sole responsibility to terminate your participation in the event if before or during same you experience physical or psychological discomfort, illness or a medical condition of whatever nature.
3. You will certify and confirm to have read, understood and agree that you will duly comply at all times with all your obligations included therein as well as all written rules, instructions and directions given to you for your participation at the Event, by V.C. Obstacle Mud Events & Fitness Ltd and their authorized representatives and employees.
4. Further, in full knowledge of the risks entailed, you freely and voluntarily assume all risks associated with your participation to the event including but not limited to the tasks of the runs, races and obstacles, any falls, bumps, infections, skin irritations, bruises or cuts, interaction and contact in large groups of people who will in any way be participating at the event, the effect of abrasive and/or slippery surfaces (including those on obstacle surfaces), water, mud, fire, rough terrain and weather conditions such as high temperatures, increased humidity or rain.
5. You therefore certify that you assume and willingly choose to take full responsibility for any and all risks inherent with and relating to your participation at the event, whether known or unknown to you.
6. You hereby consent to being administered first aid help, and obtain medical treatment or transportation during the event in case of an injury, discomfort, illness or other physical condition and emergency that may necessitate medical care by medical professionals or volunteers, as it will be deemed appropriate under the circumstances. To this regard, you hereby release the organizers from any and all liability and claims potentially arising out of or connected to such medical treatment, help or transportation provided. You assume all liability for any medical costs incurred as a result of your participation at the event and agree to hold harmless the organizers from all liability for such costs. If, due to such a medical condition, injury or emergency, you are advised or directed to terminate your participation at the event, you will do so, otherwise you will be excluded.
7. You fully understand that you should not dive or jump head first or perform any other dangerous or potentially dangerous act while performing the tasks for any of the obstacles, challenges, water or mud tasks as there is a high possibility of hitting hard on the ground, trees or rocks and cause serious injury to yourself or others.
8. You agree and understand that attempting or completing any obstacle or challenge is purely voluntary and you are free to avoid any obstacle.
9. You hereby release and discharge the organizers of the event from all liability towards yourself, your personal representatives assigns or heirs and waive all your rights for any claims, causes of action, charges, complaints, lawsuits, damages, costs or expenses of any nature and kind whether direct or indirect in law or equity, in contract or in tort or otherwise whether, known or unknown arising out of or in connection with your participation at the event or presence at the Premises where the event is held whether or not caused by the action or inaction of the Organizers.
10. You confirm to have read, understood and agree with the Dorians Challenge “Terms & Conditions” as for my participation at the event as published in the Dorians Challenge website. And certify that you will duly comply at all times with all your obligations included therein as well as all written rules, instructions and directions of the organizers.
11. You affirm that you will be at least 18 years old by the date of the event.

4.1. When you register online for the event it is an offer by you to enter into a legal contract with us.
4.2. You and we will only enter into a binding contract when you receive notification from us that we have accepted your registration and participation

The fee for registering and participating at the event is located on (LINK) page of our website as well as in the registration form.
The participation fee must be paid for in advance and can only be made with the use of a credit or debit card.

Where we have accepted your registration for participating at the event and have receive payment, if payment is subsequently refused or rejected then we reserve the right to refuse your participation at Dorians Challenge.

Data and material (“Web Information”) which is to be found on our website to which you have access is subject to the following limitations:
• The Web Information is provided only for you to obtain a general understanding of the topics and issues to which it relates;
• The Web Information is not to be relied upon by or utilized by you to help you or advise or assist you with any problem or issue you are having. Moreover, the Web Information must not form the basis on which you decide to take no action or not to do something;
• The Web Information may not be up-to-date or provide all the relevant material or data concerning the topic or issues it addresses;
• The Web Information may not be copied by you or provided to any other person by you, except that you may print to a printer or download one copy of the Web Information to store on your own (personal) computer for subsequent reading by you. However, you may show the Web Information you have copied, downloaded or printed to a person or organization who is providing you with advice and assistance;
• You will only search or otherwise access or view the Web Information through a standard internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera). In particular, you will not use any software or device to copy, transfer or download complete or partial parts of the Web Information or our website (text, code, software, graphics, etc.) to enable you or another to run our website.

All rights in the design, text, graphics and other material on our website and the selection or arrangement thereof are the copyright of us or other third parties. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print in hard copy portions of our website solely in connection with the registration of your participation in Dorians Challenge through our site. Any other use of materials on our website (including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above and alteration, modification, distribution or republication) without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

We are the proprietor of the ‘DORIANS CHALLENGE’ trade mark in Cyprus and other countries. All other trademarks, product names and company names or logos used in our website are our property or that of their respective owners. No permission is given by us in respect of the use of any such trademarks; get-up, product names, company names, logos or titles and such use may constitute an infringement of the holder’s rights.

The Terms & Conditions of use of our website, our data protection policy and data protection and copyright notices (“Other Provisions”) shall be incorporated into these Terms & Conditions and shall be equally binding on you when you enter into a contract with us.

We may terminate our agreement with you for participating at the event if you engage in any conduct prejudicial to us, the event in general and marketing of same.

We do not represent or warrant that access to our website or any part of it will be uninterrupted or fault free.
Our liability under or in connection with this Agreement, whether arising in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise is limited as per the terms outlined in the “Dorians Challenge Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk”.
We shall further not be liable to you in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by you:
1. Of an indirect or consequential nature, nor
2. For any economic loss or other loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill.
The Terms & Conditions set out in the document titled ‘Dorians Challenge Release’ are hereby incorporated into these Terms & Conditions and shall be equally binding on you when agreeing to register for your participation at the event.
We suggest and strongly advise that before you sign the registration form, that you read through these Terms & Conditions and the contents of the ‘Dorians Challenge Release’. If you have any questions concerning them, please ask us.

These are certain situations or events which occur which are not within our reasonable control as indicated below. Where one of these occurs we will normally attempt to recommence the obstacle runs and race as soon as the situation has been resolved. In such circumstances there may be delay (sometimes a substantial delay) before the event can start or continue.
The following are examples of events of events or situations, which are not within our reasonable control:
We shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver our services that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control including without limitation:
1. Weather conditions,
2. Natural disasters (e.g. earthquake, flood, hurricane),
3. Riot or civil disturbances,
4. Strikes or other labor disputes,
5. Fire or explosion,
6. War or public disaster,
7. Orders a temporary or permanent injunctions of any court of competent jurisdiction,
8. Which make it impossible or unsafe to hold the event, and/or
9. For some other unforeseen or unavoidable event or situation which is beyond our control.
If the delay in us recommencing performing the Services will be excessive then we will offer you the option of either:
1. Continuing to wait until we are able to recommence the Dorians Challenge obstacle runs and race, or
2. Allow you to cancel your participation and offer you a free ticket for the following Dorians Challenge run or race

Once you have registered and paid the fee for your participation in “Dorians Challenge” we will normally not be able to cancel such registration and offer a refund of the fee paid except where we agree.

You can always email us at We suggest, for important matters, that you use writing and send any communications by e-mail or registered post.

A register of participants shall be kept by or under the control of V.C Obstacle Mud Events & Fitness Ltd and there shall be entered in such register:
1. The names and addresses of the members
2. The date of registration
3. The unique registration number of each participant.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to deny users access to our website or any part of our website without notice and to decline to provide the service to any user that is in breach of these Terms & Conditions of use.
We reserve the right to refuse access to the event or exclude from the event without reimbursement and at our sole direction any participant who:
1. Does not exhibit appropriate behavior at all times;
2. Does not present a valid ID at the date of the event or is under the age of 18;
3. On the date of the event are under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs;
4. Refuses to obey and follow the Dorians Challenge rules and/or our directions and decisions or the laws;
5. Demonstrates dangerous behavior that endangers the safety of the participants, volunteers, staff or others at the event; or can negatively affect the event, premises or any person.

If any part of these Terms & Conditions is unenforceable (including any provision which we exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

These rules shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with Cyprus law and the participants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cyprus Courts.
The participants shall automatically be bound by these Terms & Conditions upon registering their participation in Dorians Challenge and by the acceptance of same upon payment of the participation fee.
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